Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Answers to Questions!

This is gonna be a relatively short post. Under the "My job" entry in my blogspot, I asked if you guys have any questions for me and I'll answer them. Well, here's my long-delayed reply. I only received a few questions and I'll answer them here:

1. The Angry Lurker asks: What is your favorite piece of film music/song and why?

This is an excellent question. So excellent in fact, I won't answer this question here. Within the week I shall devote two posts on my Top 5 favorite film scores and my Top 5 favorite film songs. Watch out for them!

2. Mark asks: What would you say is the most well-known movie you've worked with?

We've done a lot of famous movies. The most recent one is, I'm guessing, the Blu-Ray release of Sling Blade and the Region 2 release of 30 Minutes or Less and commentaries for Attack the Block.

3. My 2 Pesos asks: Does God exist?

I don't know but I believe He does.

4. Bersercules asks: What if you are proof reading a comedy's subtitle and one of the jokes in it is a play on words that doesn't translate to english and the subtitle that's there is a funny substitute but inacurate? Do you leave it in or do you go for a more acurate but unfunny subtitle?

Most of my work involves English-English subtitling/close captioning and very little translating, really. However, this issue would arrive if let's say the punchline or joke is too long for the required protocol. I would have to try and shorten it without losing the essence of the line and the funniness of the joke.

Although I did once work for a TV network where they had to have one of their comedy shows subtitled for submission for an international awards organization (The Asian TV Awards) so I had to translate the lines and try as much as I can to maintain the humor of it. I'm Filipino and oftentimes, Filipino humor is very untranslatable. But fortunately, I have a very Western sense of humor so I was able to translate whatever humor is there in the subtitling.

5. George Anderson asks: What is the purpose of you writing this post?

What is the purpose of you asking this question?

6. That Bastard from Bellingham asks: How did you come to learn English?

Filipinos are English speakers since the Americans colonized our country for nearly half the 20th Century. English is actually my FIRST language. My mom and dad thought it would be an academic advantage for me to have English as a first language.

That's all the questions. Feel free to ask me any questions on the comments below.


YeamieWaffles said...

Nice post buddy. A question and answer's a great idea for a blog actually, pretty innovative.

Mark said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer :) It was actually interesting to learn you have English as your first language, I learnt something today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering the questions. :D

Anonymous said...

Are you inspiring on purpose ? :P

def +follow
(much love from cagedgreatness.com if you're interested !)

Bersercules said...

Thanks for responding to my question!
I have watched english DVD's with the english subtitles on and had noticed they're never exact in translating! (if the sentences used go on too long) So it was nice to learn they do it out of protocal and not cause some disgruntaled employee is messing with things!

Electric Addict said...

nice Q/A :)

Bob said...

What was the purpose of answering that fifth question? :P

George Anderson said...

I'm satisfied.

MRanthrope said...

looking forward to those oncoming posts.

J.B. said...

That was very interesting. thanks for interacting with your readers :)

Damon said...

nice post man ;)

blorriepoes said...

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To Tipota said...

nice one, kumustaka

i_love_weed said...

HAHAHAHA that was awesome X)