Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Round-Up (10/21/12 - 10/27/12)

Frankenweenie (Tim Burton) **** - The fact that this is not doing very well at the box-office is one of the reasons that makes me hate people. Tim Burton's feature-length animated adaptation of his own early short film that's whimsical (relatively) kid-friendly take on the Frankenstein trope is probably his most personal film since Ed Wood and his best film sinceSweeney Todd. It's scary, funny, moving and really sweet and very lovingly made. It features some really awesomely clever references to classic horror films of the past that makes the child and the movie geek in me very happy. It stunningly animated and the fact that it's black & white makes me love it even more.

Lawless (John Hillcoat) **1/2 - A film about moonshine bootleggers during the Prohibition era in the countryside should make for a really, really good movie. This one all had elements of what could have been. Sometimes it felt like The Untouchables which would have been quite awesome. But unfortunately, the film falls short of it for its major flaws. One of them is Shia LaBeaouf who simply is not a very strong actor (at least not yet). It's too bad because most of the supporting cast is really strong. Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain especially but they only serve to highlight how weak Shia is, compared to them. Guy Pearce's portrayal of the main antagonist borders on being out of place and campy, and way too mustache-twirly for me. Gary Oldman is also great but unfortunately his screen time is pretty much a cameo.


YeamieWaffles said...

Great round-up as usual buddy, I'm really bummed to hear that Frankenweenie is doing so bad because I love Tim Burton and he deserves better than how badly it's doing. Hopefully things pick up soon. Lawless sounds decent ish too, I might check it out for Tom Hardy alone.

Adam said...

I'll have to go see Frankenweenie