Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekly Round-Up (1/12/14 - 1/18/14)

Blue Jasmine (Woody Allen) ***1/2 - I would not consider this one of Woody Allen's masterpieces. However, it does feature one of the best performances ever in a Woody Allen film. I am of course talking about Cate Blanchett who delivers an award-worthy performance as the title character, a mentally unstable spoiled wife whose husband was a Bernie Madoff-type crook. She's deservedly getting attention but I will also say that equally deserving of praise is Sally Hawkins whose role may not be as showy but she provides a pitch perfect foil for Blanchett's character as her "poor" but bit more together sister.

Fruitvale Station (Ryan Coogler) ***1/2 - Based on the tragic true story of Oscar Grant III, a young man who was shot during an altercation in a train station early New Year's Day 2009. The film mostly avoids sensationalism and preachiness which can often befall films like these. Instead, it concentrates on telling a story of a imperfect but decent human being going about what will be his final day. The film of course would not work nor have the same impact without the absolutely beautiful performances of Michael B. Jordan and Octavia Spencer (whose work here is far superior to her Oscar-winning work in The Help). I first saw Michael B. Jordan as a standout in the first season of The Wire. It's wonderful to see him grow up to be a fine, fine young actor and one to look forward to seeing more of.

Inside Llewyn Davis (Joel Coen/Ethan Coen) **** - The Coen Brothers, I noticed, have this really fascinating way of presenting the world regardless of genre or their subject matter. Even in their weakest film, there are always elements that I find interesting and funny. This film may not be my absolute favorite from them but it's certainly in the top-tier. The title character Llewyn Davis is a struggling, homeless folk singer who basically has a knack for alienating everyone around him. In other words, a chronic fuck-up. Oscar Isaac is quite excellent. He manages to make you want to go on his journey despite the fact he's a highly unlikeable character. Being, Coen brothers of course, the film is quite funny and features a colorful supporting cast of characters. Beautifully shot and also has a great soundtrack.

The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese) **** - I frankly don't know why people think this film endorses the actions of its characters. I personally don't think it does. It doesn't judge them or try to condemn them in any way shape or form and allows the audience to judge them for themselves. After seeing it, I came away thinking it's a really hilarious very dark comedy featuring some very repulsive, greedy characters. It's like Goodfellas but with less guns, more tits and more laughs. This is probably Martin Scorsese's funniest film, funnier than even After Hours. Leonardo DiCaprio gives one of his career-best performance in this film. He oozes sleazy charm and gives one powerhouse motivational speech after another. I usually don't like Jonah Hill but he proves his worth here and Margot Robbie is a really wonderful (and sizzling hot!!!!!!) find. Overall, I think this is an excellent film. One of the best of the year and a crowning jewel in Martin Scorsese's ouvre.

Ernest & Celestine (Stephane Aubier/Vincent Patard/Benjamin Renner) ***1/2 - I saw this the same day as The Wolf of Wall Street and I thought this would make for a nice palette cleanser. And it is. It's really a very nice, sweet fable about a world where mice and bears live in seperate worlds where they fear and/or disgusted with each other and Ernest, a bear, and Celestine, a mouse, each outsiders of sorts in their own worlds meet and become friends causing all sorts of complications. In a world filled with CGI, it's nice that they're still making wonderful 2D animated films like these. The story is simple yet manages to be funny and poignant. A terrific film.

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I've always thought that Leonardo DiCrapio was one of the most underrated actors out there. I've been meaning to see this film, but admittedly I don't know if I'm in the mood to see such things. I loved Goodfellas!

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