Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Great Scenes # 40: The Pink Panther (1963)

Directed by Blake Edwards

Actor Herbert Lom, the man who hilariously and famously portrayed Chief Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther series has just passed away very recently and that inspired me to feature this film in my Great Scenes series. This is the first of the many, many funny series of films featuring Inspector Clouseau as a bumbling, clumsy detective. This takes place during the climax of the film where a costume party culminates in a chase scene. What's hilarious is that it's seen from a perspective of an ordinary pedestrian crossing the street after going in a bar so it ingeniously amps up the absurdity of the chase scene with crazy costumes. It's just a testament to the comedic instinct of director Blake Edwards.


YeamieWaffles said...

I'm sad to hear that he died, great scene man, I love the original Pink Panther film, it's an utter classic.

Sub Radar (Mike) said...

RIP, great man in one of his greatest scenes. Also, he was a Czech Count... how crazy is that?