Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Round-Up (3/17/13 - 3/23/13)

Shit. Totally forgot about this.

The Sessions (Ben Lewin) ***1/2 - I was surprised by this film. The only reason I bothered to see this movie is that it's the only film to get a major nomination that I still haven't seen. Having a bit of an OCD about these things, I had to see this movie so I'd be set. I had no interest in seeing this film because I thought the concept, despite the promise of lots of sex and nudity AND the good reviews, the film sounds generic and boring. But again, I was surprised by how sweet, funny and moving it is. This is thanks to the terrific performances by John Hawkes and Helen Hunt (wonky accent notwithstanding).

Another Year (Mike Leigh) ***1/2 - This is another surprise. It's probably one of my favorite Mike Leigh films. Basically it's about the world's happiest, most normal, most well-adjusted older couple and their sad, pathetic, lonely friends. It features a fantastic ensemble of actors. But the one who shines the brightest is Lesley Manville. I was somewhat annoyed by her character when she was first introduced but by the end of the film, I truly wanted to hug her. It's really an incredible feat of acting. One of the best films of 2010.

Aparisyon (Apparition) (Vincent Sandoval) **** - An exquisitely directed and acted Filipino independent film about nuns in a convent during the early '70s, just before Marcos declared martial law. The film is almost shot like a slow-burn horror film in a way and I can see the heavy influence of Black Narcissus which is probably the best nun movie ever made and I must say, *this* film is within striking distance of that which is, for me, VERY high praise. Yet another Filipino filmmaker to watch out for. It goes to show that Philippine cinema is still vibrant in the independent scene.


YeamieWaffles said...

Decent round up as usual man, I'm not sure if I want to check out The Seasons, but the other two sound great to me.

DWei said...

I don't think I'll have time to watch these with finals coming up soon. :(