Thursday, August 22, 2013

Snowpiercer: Cut

People who have read this blog closely probably know that Bong Joon-ho is one of my favorite contemporary directors currently working today. Snowpiercer, his first English language feature film, is one of my most anticipated films of the year. Unfortunately for people who are anticipating this film in the U.S. and certain parts of the world, Harvey Weinstein, the distributor who will release the film in those markets, is demanding cuts from the film in order to appeal to "people from Oklahoma and Iowa". Apparently, he doesn't think a heady science fiction film from a Korean director will appeal to idiots. Gee, ya think? I live in the Philippines so I have no idea which version will be released here (or even if it will be released theatrically at all) but this is, for the most part, a very unfortunate move. It's insulting for American midwesterners who are probably not as dumb as Harvey Weinstein think they are (I'm pretty sure there are Bong Joon-ho/science-fiction fans who are eagerly awaiting this movie) and also for the rest of the markets that the Weinstein Company will be distributing this film. It's also kind of funny that Harvey is trying to appeal to idiots because sure, idiots like those exist, but most of them probably won't even bother to see this film. It doesn't have any big stars in it (Chris Evans is in it but he's not playing Captain America so they wouldn't care) nor is it based on any famous property (not a sequel, remake, adaptation of a famous book/comic book, etc.). It also looks grim which doesn't bode well for most people who are into that kind of stuff. This is not the first time Harvey has done this and certainly not the last.

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YeamieWaffles said...

That's frustrating that they're insisting pieces of his film gets cut, I'd love to see him stand his ground and say he's not making any changes but if he does I would understand it.