Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Round-Up (5/6/12 - 5/12/12)

The Wings of Eagles (John Ford) *** - This film is based on the life and writings of Frank "Spig" Wead, a Navy man turned author and screenwriter whom John Ford had worked with. He passed away a few years prior to the release of the film and this was made in loving tribute to him. And though it's far from being my favorite John Ford picture, it's still a very heartfelt film. Moments of humor is quite smoothly interspersed with more serious moments and doesn't get overly sentimental and flag-waving-y. It doesn't really break new ground but its heart was in the right place.

Weekend (Andrew Haigh) ***1/2 - I've heard people describe this as a gay Before Sunrise and I would definitely agree. I would also argue that this also feels like a feature-length episode of Queer as Folk only actually good. Two gay men have a one night stand after meeting in a club and their relationship eventually stretches to an entire weekend. It's intelligent, layered and even sweet and features two great central performances.

Dark Shadows (Tim Burton) **1/2 - Now, I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton, I make no secret of that but even I was turned off and disappointed with the eyesore that was Alice in Wonderland. This is actually an improvement. Not much of an improvement but still an improvement. Tim Burton's film adaptation of the supernatural soap opera series contains some really good moments. Johnny Depp and Eva Green both give fun performances. There are some good laughs in there too. But unfortunately the entire thing is so tonally off. It wants to be both a gothic horror romance and a broad horror-comedy but does not seem to find the right balance to let it flow and that wacky over-the-top climax came from nowhere. But still, it's nowhere near Burton and/or Depp's worst. I enjoyed it.

21 Jump Street (Phil Lord/Chris Miller) *** - Now this movie was a blast. A movie adaptation of a TV series from the 1980's is of course a lame idea and the great thing about this movie is that it acknowledges it and decides to have fun with the concept of police officers going undercover in a high school. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill both make a great team and makes for a really funny action-comedy which actually pokes fun at many tropes of action-comedies. It really shouldn't work but it does.


YeamieWaffles said...

This has me seriously wanting to watch 21 Jump Street now, thanks for the round-up as usual buddy, awesome post.

Mark said...

I'm kind of disappointed to hear Dark Shadows was like that really.

Pat Hatt said...

21 Jump Street I need to give a go. But there others not so sure. I am not fan of Tim Burton either, same old thing every time pretty much.