Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Round-Up (7/22/12 - 7/28/12)

 The Royal Tenenbaums (Wes Anderson) **** - This is my second or third time watching this film. I reminded by how much I love it. It's so goddamn great.

I saw a bunch of films from the Cinemalaya Film Festival, an independent film festival in the Philippines.

Kamera Obskura (Raymond Red) *** - Silent-era Filipino films like with most silent-era films from tropical countries are all practically lost. This film is basically a silent Filipino film made to look it was made in that era. It's about a man after being trapped in a cell for a long time emerges to find himself in a retro-future and is given a special camera that zaps people into obscurity. The film starts out very promisingly with a lots of interesting steam punk-esque visuals, following the rhythm, pace and even film scratches of a silent-era film. Then unfortunately becomes a tad preachy and ultimately goes nowhere. But still, it's an extremely creative, endlessly fascinating piece of work.

The following are short films: 

As He Sleeps (Sheron Dayoc) *** - A wife dutifully cares for her paralyzed husband. An interesting, almost wordless film that features a pretty damn good performance by Sue Prado. It says volumes about marriage with barely any dialogue.

Balintuna (Irony) (Emmanuel Escalona Jr.) **- Two young boys', one a thief, the other a superhero fan fates intertwined. The title is "irony" but I don't get the "irony" of it. The boys' performances are very natural and there are some nifty editing and music but this one didn't work for me.

Bohe: Sons of the Waves (Nadjoua Bansil) **1/2 - Five Badjao (Filipinos who reside in the Southern part of the Philippines, usually near water) boys learn about the importance of mangroves. A potentially fascinating subject matter and it has its moments but it seems to lack a bit of focus.

The Passenger (Max Celada) ***1/2 - They saved the two best for last. This one is about an old lady in a passenger jeepney who keeps prattling and ranting about all sorts of subject matter to her fellow passengers. I have to say while watching this I can't help but think that the writer-director must have based this on personal experience. It's quite funny.

Victor (Jarrell M. Serencio) ***1/2 - I'll throw a bit of warning: I happen to know the guy who made this and a couple of friends of mine are also involved in the production but I'm gonna review this as objectively as possible. This is a rather exemplary film. Is it narrative? Is it a documentary? It sort of blurs the line. It's about a man who every year plays Jesus in a recreation of the passion and death of Jesus Christ and LITERALLY gets himself nailed to the cross. Tougher to watch than The Passion of the Christ (the nails are REAL) and also has more to say about religion and spiritually than that film.


YeamieWaffles said...

These short films all sound great man, definitely worth a watch for sure, great round-up as usual buddy.

Mark said...

The guy literally got nailed to the cross with actual nails? He really must have been dedicated.

Adam said...

talk about passion