Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Round-Up (7/8/12 - 7/14/12)

Satyajit Ray (Shyam Benegal) *** - A fascinating documentary on the life and career of Indian auteur Satyajit Ray which features a lengthy interview with him interspersed with behind-the-scenes of his latest (at the time) film and clips from his oeuvre. This is a Criterion Collection extra from The Music Room disc and it's like bonus film seminar from the master himself.

Magic Mike (Steven Soderbergh) *** - This pretty much seals the fact that 2012 is definitely Channing Tatum's year. I was so ready to dismiss him as just another eye candy beefcake for hire in films but after 21 Jump Street and now this, he finally found a worthy place in cinema. This film loosely based around his experiences as a male exotic dancer is actually a pretty solid engaging film. It's director Steven Soderbergh's Boogie Nights, albeit a bit more gentler and lighter. Though Tatum is the star, I do think the highlight of the film is Matthew McConaughey who easily steals every scene he's in with gusto.


YeamieWaffles said...

A girl I used to really like is extremely obsessed of Tatum so I always struggle to enjoy everything he's in but Magic Mike does sound good and worthwhile to watch, I mean there's already a sequel being planned and it really hasn't been out long at all. Good round-up as always mate.

Mark said...

Hmmm, I think you're the first person I've seen who's quite positive about Magic Mike. As a movie that is, not just a parade of washboard abs.

Adam said...

I'll pass on Mike and his magic